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Tribute to a Sussex Meadow

Matthew J. Thomas

Botanical Photographer

Based in Sussex, Matthew J. Thomas is a botanical photographer and a qualified ecologist. With a particular interest in the photography of wild plants in their natural habitats, his aim is to express the beauty of plants in all their tremendous diversity.

Vase full of meadow wild flowers

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Yew Trees, Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve

Yes trees at Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve


Photographic Style

Every plant has a ‘personality’. By that I mean that it has a particular form, texture, growth habit and even a kind of 'suspended motion' that creates an emotional response. For me, photography is a tool for somehow interpreting this ‘personality’ into an image that can be transported into people's homes and work places. In so doing, my hope is to be able to inspire people to admire and cherish the wonders of the plants that grow around us.

Inevitably my photographic style has been influenced by a training in plant morphology and years of experience as a professional ecologist. But my hope is that these have been tempered by an artist’s eye, creating powerful images that will linger long in the memory.

Selected prints of my photographs can be purchased here.

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An old Sussex hay meadow in high summer


I was born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire in 1965 and now live in Wiston, West Sussex.

I was introduced to photography at a very early age by my father, who was an artist and an accomplished amateur photographer. As a young teenager, my first job was to deliver newspapers. I remember being hampered by two obstacles: Large dogs and severely over-sprung letterboxes. These notable difficulties were overcome, only by the overwhelming importance of making two vital and urgent purchases: A greenhouse, in which to contain my rapidly expanding collection of tropical plants and an Olympus OM10 camera, with which to photograph them.

After school I went to University to study ecology and then began a career in governmental advisory roles. Then in 2015, having completed some longstanding commitments, my love for botanical photography again began to flourish, rather like a sea of scarlet poppies emerging from long-fallowed soil!

I have found that my motivation has remained unchanged since my teenage years: To somehow capture and portray the astonishing beauty of plants. However I am reliably informed that my photographic style has improved, and I do get on rather better with dogs.

Matthew J. Thomas
Sussex ancient wildflower meadow
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